Dr. Rachel Leihy

Postdoctoral Associate

Email: Rachel.leihy@monash.edu

I am currently a post-doctoral researcher with the ARC Securing Antarctica’s Environmental Future (SAEF) program (arcsaef.com/). I am investigating the biodiversity status and trends of terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems in Antarctica, with an emphasis on how this knowledge can inform conservation and management decisions.

My research interests are broad, and include analysis of invasive species impacts, human influences on ecosystems, taxonomic and trait diversity, and conservation planning. I joined the Chown Lab in 2014, and have since completed Honours and PhD projects (December 2020) on community ecology. My PhD research focused on understanding large- and small-scale patterns of Antarctic and sub-Antarctic biodiversity. I also investigated the spatial extent of historical human activity across the continent to determine how human activities have affected Antarctica’s wilderness areas and their biodiversity value.