The Prince Edward Islands: Land-Sea Interactions in a Changing Ecosystem

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Editors: Steven L Chown & Pierre William Froneman
ISBN 9781928357063

This book provides a modern, synthetic overview of what is known about the structure, functioning and interactions of marine and terrestrial systems at the Prince Edward Islands. Building on more than 50 years of biological, geological, meteorological, and oceanographic research, it demonstrates not only how inextricably linked marine and terrestrial systems at the islands are, but also how global environmental challenges, such as climate change, biological invasions, and over exploitation, are playing out at the regional and local levels in the Southern Ocean. [doi:10.18820/9781928357063]

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Chapter 1: The Prince Edward Islands in a global context

Authors: Steven L. Chown and P. William Froneman

Chapter 2: Oceanographic setting of the Prince Edward Islands

Authors: Johann R.E. Lutjeharms and Isabelle J. Ansorge

Chapter 3: Climate and climate change

Authors: Peter C. Le Roux

Chapter 4: Geology, geomorphology and climate change

Authors: Jan C. Boelhouwers, K. Ian Meiklejohn, Stephen D. Holness and David W. Hedding

Chapter 5: Biology in the oceanographic environment

Authors: Christopher D. McQuaid and P. William Froneman

Chapter 6: Pelagic predators

Authors: Peter G. Ryan and Marthán N. Bester

Chapter 7: Nutrient dynamics in the vicinity of the Prince Edward Islands

Authors: Valdon R. Smith and P. William Froneman

Chapter 8: Terrestrial and freshwater primary production and nutrient cycling

Authors: Valdon R. Smith

Chapter 9: Terrestrial vegetation and dynamics

Authors: Niek J.M. Gremmen and Valdon R. Smith

Chapter 10: Spatial variation in the terrestrial biotic system

Authors: Melodie A. McGeoch, Peter C. le Roux, Elizabeth A. Hugo and Mawethu J. Nyakatya

Chapter 11: Regional membership: biogeography

Authors: Steven L. Chown, David J. Marshall and Evgeny A. Pakhomov

Chapter 12: Conservation and management

Authors: Marienne S. de Villiers and John Cooper

Chapter 13: Human history

Authors: John Cooper

Chapter 14: Conclusion: change in terrestrial and marine systems

Authors: Steven L. Chown and P. William Froneman