About ChownLab

Our focus is on understanding the patterns in and processes underlying biodiversity variation across a range of spatial and temporal scales. In particular we are interested in understanding the impacts of the major global environmental change drivers on biodiversity and what can be done to mitigate and adapt to the change.

We work on a range of organisms, including flowering plants, birds, mammals, and marine invertebrates. Most commonly, though, we work on springtails and insects. These diverse terrestrial species are important for ecosystem functioning and are tractable for addressing a range of fundamental and applied questions in biology.

Much of what we do is about seeing to the impact of our work. By that we don’t only mean changing the way our colleagues think about the areas we work on and systems we work in. Rather, we also mean by changing policy and its implementation, largely in the conservation arena. Much of what we do in this respect concerns conservation of the broader Antarctic region and that includes the Southern Ocean Islands.

We also work in many different environments in Australia, from the tropics to Australian Antarctic Territory. Moreover, we are part of a larger team investigating the Revitalisation of Informal Settlements and Their Environments in Fiji and in Indonesia. This work is testing innovative solutions to health and environmental problems associated with water provision and sanitation, reflecting the lab’s broader concern with urban environments.

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