Dr. Peter Faber

Postdoctoral Associate

Phone: + 61 3 9902 0910

Email: Peter.Faber@monash.edu


I joined the Chown lab in 2017, working on the RISE (Revitalisation of informal settlements and their environments) project.

My background is in aquatic chemistry and biogeochemistry with my PhD investigating trophic states and carbon dynamics in coastal marine ecosystems, especially the downstream impacts of anthropogenic land use in river catchments.

Since then I have worked as a research assistant with diverse roles in the World Mosquito Program (formerly Eliminate Dengue) as part of the diagnostics, mass production and product development groups, assisting monitoring and egg production for pilot wolbachia releases in north Queensland and in developing field release techniques.

My current work on the RISE project involves investigating the effects of infrastructure upgrades on water quality in highly polluted informal settlements in Indonesia and Fiji as well as monitoring mosquito populations which are important disease vectors.