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Dr. Nelika Hughes

Project Manager

Phone: +61 3 9905 9994

Email: Nelika.Hughes@monash.edu



I joined the Chown Lab in 2015, managing a number of international research collaborations.

My research background is in the ecology of social behaviour in wildlife, and its interactions with trophic processes and disease transmission. My PhD research at the University of New South Wales focussed on a neglected aspect of communication ecology: the potential increased risk of predation to individuals receiving signals, and the social, spatial, and ecological consequences of these risks.

Following my PhD I explored professional opportunities with government and non-government based conservation organisations, before taking up a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Antwerp, Belgium. In this position I ran research projects in Belgium, Kazakhstan, and Tanzania to examine how social, spatial, and community processes influence disease transmission dynamics across a range of systems.

My current research continues a range of experimental and genetic techniques to explore how wildlife disease shapes the ecology and population dynamics of wildlife.