Genie Fleming

Research Assistant


Phone: +61 3 9905 9994


I recently joined the Chown lab in 2017, after moving to Australia from the USA where I spent several years conducting field-based, conservation-oriented ecological research in a variety of natural communities ranging from subtropical forest to desert. Broadly speaking, my main interest is examining how anthropogenic disturbance and environmental change influence the structure and composition of plant and animal communities. I am particularly interested in science with direct applicability to biodiversity management as well as the intersection of nature conservation with sustainable development in developing regions.

From 2009-2015, I served as Field Director for the Kirtland’s Warbler Research and Training Project, a collaboration involving the USDA Forest Service International Programs, The Nature Conservancy, and The Bahamas National Trust. This project aimed to improve understanding of the winter ecology of the US federally endangered Kirtland’s Warbler, investigate socioeconomically viable methods for managing this migratory bird’s winter habitat in The Bahamas, and increase conservation capacity in The Bahamas through education and community outreach.